one thing i never expected to ever be an everyday necessity in my life was a solid pair of gloves. being a wyoming girl for 8 years now, i’ve learned they are absolutely essential.
my friend Bubba has put his heart and soul into his brand, Give’r, and with just ONE DAY left, he’s already crushing his Kickstarter Campaign.
and for good reason. these gloves are solid.
IMG_0718i stopped by the Give’r HQ for a step-by-step demonstation of how these new and improved gloves come to life. the boy individually waxes every pair HIMSELF.
talk about dedication. love me a solid entrepreneur who legit gets his hands dirty.

Untitled 4

Step 1:  i picked out my swanky new pair, designed by Bubba, and made from premium cow leather with a waterproof and breathable middle membrane.  a thinsulate insulation layer was added to really keep those fingers warm…..perfect for me! he then popped them in his 1960’s oven.

Step 2:  while the gloves cooked, hot wax was slowly melting in a small crockpot nearby.
insert {i freaking love passionate entrepreneurs}

IMG_0725Step 3:  Bubba personally puts on each and every pair, making sure every glove is covered in the perfect amount of wax.

Step 4:  Back in the oven!IMG_0729

Step 5: After letting the gloves cool, i now had a new set of the most badass gloves out there.  #boom.  i’m personally in love with the red trim and red cuffs….love me a pop of color!


Bubba then asked me if i’d like to personalize them…. uh, duh! he personally sat down and engraved the leather himself.

IMG_0746IMG_0755it’s so admirable to see a fellow entrepreneur doing what he loves with the devotion to each and every order, from start to finish.

this kickstarter campaign ends today, so get on over there and get your new pair of Give’r gloves….designed, tested, and made with love in Jackson Hole.

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hey, thanks!


thanks Jackson Hole for voting me one of your favorite local bloggers!

it’s a bout tiiiiime this was a category in the planet’s annual vote, but seriously, super excited that locals love to read the egg.

blogging was something i took up as a creative outlet and it has opened so many career doors for me.  it’s funny how something so silly can bring so many opportunities. i’ve had the chance to work with big national brands as well as amazing local businesses.  it even allowed me to start The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and reeeeallly focus on the best of our town. i was asked to be a contributor to AOL, like what?!, and have been able to work and meet way cooler bloggers who inspire me on the reg.  it has forced me to pick up my camera and start shooting, which was something i was always intimidated by.  i’m no longer afraid to point a bulky lens at anyone, especially while traveling, and capture the way people live and share special moments.  i’m by no means a true photog, but i’ve unleashed a passion i didn’t even know i had.  i’m still trying to master how to make people laugh while i’m shooting but catching those candid moments truly makes my heart smile. and thank gawd for instagram where i can share some of my favorite travel shots!

so thank you J-holers for reading this sometimes dumb, sometimes corny, sometimes seemingly vain corner of the internet. i swear i’m just as awkward in person as i am in photos.

ramble on!

photo by ashley, hire her, she’s amazing.

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bags that pop.


if there is one thing i absolutely need to change out each season, it’s my everyday tote.
with the wear and tear of hauling a laptop, chargers, day designer, and a camera,
my totes are usually looking up at me with sad eyes asking to take a breather for a few months.

does anyone else actually feel sorry for clothing? or just me?
my collection continues to grow and i’m loving this new purse from mi madre,
who always sends me the best finds!
perks to being the only girl and zero grandchildren…

shop my look
sweater dress bought in Amsterdam (similar, similar)
sundance boots c/o
gifted purse

and shop a few of my favorite colorful totes from the world wide web:

photos shot on film by Ashley

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love your melon.

love your melon

i discovered this brand recently and i want to shout from the rooftops over it!
great quality + great cause.
Love Your Melon is a simple idea that is changing many worlds for children with cancer.
for any beanie purchased, a beanie will be donated to a kiddo battling cancer.
each beanie is handmade in the U.S. and they have a slew of designs.  plus they are super warm.
i’m rocking the black speckled cuffed beanie above!

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fresh faced.


{beanie is c/o Sundance}

after turning the big 3-0, i made a conscious decision to make my health a bigger priority, starting with my skin.
i’ve been pretty blessed in the skin department but have noticed with age, i’ve become much more sensitive to the sun.
i wanted to get a full analysis of my face, which is constantly exposed to the dry mountain air and harsh Wyoming elements, to see how my skin is holding up.

Freeman Plastic Surgery invited me to test their new VISIA Complexion Analysis machine.
after a quick snapshot of my face, i was shown exactly what lies beneath my skin, hidden from the naked eye.
behold, my no-makeup-fresh-face-under-serious-microscope for all to see today!!IMG_9218

SPOTS: typically brown or red skin lesions including freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and vascular lesions.
WRINKLES: furrows, folds or creases in the skin. – I can happily report that I am in the 98th percentile, with hardly any (yet)
TEXTURE: primarily an analysis of skin smoothness.
PORES: the circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts.
UV SPOTS: occur when melanin coagulates below the skin surface as a result of sun damage. – I have 293 on my face!!!
BROWN SPOTS: lesions on the skin such as hyper-pigmentation, freckles, lentigines, and melasma.
RED SPOTS: conditions such as acne, inflammation, Rosacea or spider veins.
PORPHYRINS: bacteria that can become lodged in pores and lead to acne.Untitled

albiet a little scary, these photos helped determine the accurate levels of my skin health.
i already knew i have extremely dry skin, but i had NO idea i had so many UV Spots (293, yikes)!
sunscreen and i have gotten close, but looks like we need to get even closer…

i truly believe that skin care is so crucial to our overall health, and so does Dr. Freeman’s office in Jackson Hole.
as a gift, they are giving away FIVE hydrafacials to 5 lucky readers.
to enter into this amazing giveaway, CLICK HERE!
this is your chance to get your skin analyzed and to kick off the year with a fresh face.

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