what to wear to a fall wedding.

Embroidered For Love & Lemons Dress for a Fall Wedding Outfit.

{for love & lemons dress // faux leather jacket // ariat darlin’ booties}

i had one fall wedding to attend this year – instead of being behind the camera – so i was super excited to wear something other than black.
sadly, due to a death in the family, i was unable to attend šŸ™
BUT i still got this amazing dress and wanted to share with you
what i wouldĀ have worn to an autumn wedding!Mountain Town Blogger rocking Faux Leather Jacket and For Love & Lemons DressFaux Leather Jacket and For Love & Lemons Dress. A Fall Wedding Outfit.Embroidered For Love & Lemons Dress for Fall Wedding OutfitFaux Leather Jacket and For Love & Lemons Dress

i was verrrrry into the embroidery trend this summer so i have no shame bringing it on into fall.
the little bell sleeves on this For Love & Lemons dress is the perfect touch of flair and news flash, it’s sold in red too!
layering in the mountains is absolutely key, not matter the time of year, so a faux leather jacket is all you need to add a little warmth.
i’m a big fan of adding a cool factor to a fancy outfit, and any mountain wedding vibe allows you to do just that.
and of course, the cowboy bootie to round it all out. Ā 
because, wyoming.

photos by ashley merritt photography

shop more moto jackets and this outfit below:






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western ranch days.

Horseback riding in Autumn Leaves of Grand Teton National Parkthe thing about the West is that there are so many places to explore.
by the time off-season rolls around, i try to take mini road trips to explore places near Jackson Hole.
my favorite jaunt just outside of town is to the lovely Turpin Meadow Ranch.
when i’m looking for a few days, or just a night away, it’s the perfect driving distance…around 1 hr! Ā  Continue reading

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fall into nest.

Jackson Hole blogger next to tall flowers shot on filmas sad as i am to admit it, autumn is here out west.
it’s not that i hate fall, its more like, the summers are so busy and fleeting thatĀ i may have shed a few tears.
the upside of course, is the transition of my closet!
sweaters, flannels, boots, and beanies are making their way in.
it’s hard living in a two by four log cabin with my sweater and boot collection but somehow i manage to always find the room.
thank god because Nest in Jackson Hole just got in their new arrivals!
here are some of my favorites…

Jackson Hole Style blogger Meagan wearing printed dress from Nest infront of wall of cowboy boots on Puzzleface RanchJackson Hole Lifestyle blogger Meagan shows off new fashion arrivals from boutique Nest

Lifestyle Jackson Hole Blogger Meagan drinking coffee at pearl street bagelsJackson Hole Blogger wearing Love army jacketJackson Hole style blogger Meagan wears bell sleeve sweater from local boutique Nesta few trends i’m loving this season that help make that transition into autumn:
bell sleeves! they make me look way taller and add a touch of flare.
anything merlot color. the ultimate fall color for any and all accessories
printed dresses. i’m not ready to give up on dresses just yet, so pairing a dress with cowboy boots and a leather jacket is key.
statement jackets. layering is essential for me, so an array of jackets to mix it up is always nice when mornings are cold and afternoons heat up.
bold jewelry. i’ve really gotten into the statement earrings and i owe it all to this little boutique. their jewels, and really all accessories, are so fun!
all of the skirts. denim and cordoury, please. i love the vintage vibe of this front button denim piece!

if you want to hear more about working trends into your mountainista wardrobe, stop by their fashion show, this friday at 6:00!
it’s donation based with proceeds going to Climb Wyoming.
enjoy a night of fashion talk, food, and runway under a fancy tent…whoop whoop!

photos by Ashley Merritt // this post was sponsored by Nest in Jackson Hole. All opinions are my own.
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oh, savannah!

Travel blogger visits Downtown Savannah Georgia wearing Kate Spade dress

is it sad to admit that in my 31 years on earth, this was my first time in the great state of georgia?
where all my georgia peaches at!?!

Travel blogger visits Downtown Savannah Georgia wearing Kate Spade dress

work took me to this gorgeous area of the country, which is so rich in american history, you can feel it in the spanish moss.
i’ve been traveling with the insanely talented Carrie Patterson to help photograph these fancy destination weddings.
it has been incredibly inspiring to shoot in a new location so i’ve made it a point to add an extra day or two to explore these new spots.
and shop, duh.

Travel blogger visits Downtown Savannah Georgia wearing Kate Spade dress

Travel blogger visits Downtown Savannah Georgia wearing Kate Spade dressdowntown savannah travel bloggerThe historic marshall house in downtown savannah travel blog

ah, Savannah! sweet, sweet, Savannah. you have really stolen a piece of my heart.
the cobblestone streets, artsy vibe, and gorgeous mansions are filled with hundreds of years of southern livin’.

we stayed at The Marshall House, right smack dab downtown.
arriving at this hotel is a lot like that feeling you have coming home from college, when everyone is SO excited to see you, and you want to hug everyone.
the staff couldn’t have been sweeter, which is a testament to everyone i met in savannah. southern hospitality is the real deal.
i was pretty certain the place was haunted and then after some heavy googling, my internet searches confirmed The Marshall House is one of the most haunted places in the country. (so glad i found that out at 11pm alone in my hotel room.)
when i asked the lady at the front desk to tell me ghost stories, she immediately got quiet and just said, “well, they found some bones a few years ago in the basement”, and gave me this look like, “do what you want with that”.
turns out the hotel has been a hospital, twice.

but don’t let that deter you from staying there, it seriously was so lovely and charming.
and i’m pretty sure ALL of Savannah is haunted, anyways.

Old Sheldon Church ruins georgiaOld buses in sunlight in savannah georgiacarrie patterson destination wedding film photographerGirl on swing in Savannah Georgia wearing Kate Spade dress

i made a point to drive out to the Old Sheldon Ruins, and so glad i did.
it was quiet, without a soul in site, just me and the old church ruins.
pretty peaceful if you ask me.
we finished the trip with a stay at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina,
and if you fancy, you can see those wedding images here!



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help hurricane harvey dogs.

like most of you, it’s hard to hear of devastation from so far away and not know how to help.
watching the news and reading stories of the hurricane harvey tragedy really sparked something in me to do what i can to help.
i realize that as a blogger, i’m seen as an “influencer”, and that my reach is relatively far.
i’m saying a prayer to the blogging Gods to help one of my dear friends and her amazing organization, that is helping a sliver of the tragedy.

my friend Lindsay (left) has been a Jackson Hole local for over a decade, with a passion for helping animals.
she worked for our local Animal Adoption Center for years and is a well known dog trainer/whisperer.
her mother is a New Orleans native and after Hurricane Katrina, the two devoted their time to creating, The Inner Pup, an amazingĀ 501(c)3 non-profit to help the abandoned animals in the aftermath of the storm.
Lindsay has been splitting her time and energy between NOLA and the mountains, shuttling dogs to shelters across the country as she goes.

if you know me, i’m a huge dog lover, and most of my best dog pals have come from the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson Hole.
there’s something so special about shelter dogs.
(two of my faves, Burt and Leo, above!)

i spoke to Lindsay and her mom in depth this week about how i can get the word out to help the dogs of hurricane harvey and they explained how the system works and more on how we can make an impact…

when disaster strikes, family pets are often left due to lack of room, finances, or a place to house them, and theses animals, if rescued, are sent to local shelters first.
{keep in mind most of these local shelters were full before the storm hit}.
if shelters become overcrowded, many start to euthanize dogs or turn them away, simply from a lack of space.
when that happens, people like Lindsay get on the phone and start finding shelters all over the country that have room and ability to take in new dogs, which can take longer than expected due to costs involved.
the dogs that are euthanized first are typically older, disabled, or pregnant mommas.

Lindsay’s mother recently purchased her home for retirement just outside of NOLA, which happens to have acres of land, and a large barn.
they never planned on housing animals, but after this week, they both felt a strong calling to do so at this new property.
SO, this is where you come in…..
if we can raise money to help The Inner PupĀ in NOLA, hurricane harvey dogs will be shipped to them ASAP.
the money they need right now will go directly to fencing for the shelter, as well as food/water/medicine, vet care, and transportation costs from texas.
local vets have promised to donate their time and are now just waiting for the furry friends to arrive.
once the dogs (and cats!) arrive at The Inner Pup, Lindsay is then able to transport these dogs across the country to open shelters, like our Animal Adoption Center.
the quicker the shuffle, more lives are saved.

for Jackson Hole locals, you can help make an impact locally for hurricane harvey dogs!
the Animal Adoption Center has confirmed that they will be taking as many dogs as they can fit on a plane on September 15th, who will then be available for adoption right here in town.
your donations will go towards the transportation costs for every animal!

it’s a bit of a puzzle finding open spots for all of the dogs, but this mother-daughter duo is utterly devoted to it.
once the dogs are safe in NOLA, they are then sent to non-kill shelters.
i know that there are many organizations out there and most of you have donated to the relief, but this is one way to impact on a local (or national) level.
every donation will receive a tax deductible receipt.


please follow me on instagram @MeagTheEgg for weekly updates on these furry friends!
from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

photos from The Inner Pup, top two photos taken by me.



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