dancing in jackson hole.

The Wort Hotel Dancing in Jackson Hole, WyomingThere’s something so charming about cowboy traditions in the Wild West. One of my personal favorites has to be western dancing. By no means do I have any idea what I’m doing on the dance floor, but stopping by an old watering hole with my friends to swing around with cowboys and cowgirls reminds me of why I love Jackson Hole. You simply cannot visit Wyoming without experiencing live music and dancing. The locals take this seriously, so make sure you bring your cowboy boots!

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frost 2.

Frost 2 in Jackson Hole, Wyomingthe only person to ever cut my hair in jackson hole is rob hollis.  and probably the only person for the rest of my life.  i don’t what he does, but he seriously makes me feel like a million bucks every time i leave his chair.  it’s like he just GETS ME, ya know?  every “do” is exactly what i wanted, sometimes without even telling him what i wanted because i had no idea when i sat down in the first place.  he’s that good!

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Jackson Hole Blogger in Scotch and Soda Winter Fashionthe winter days can be long, cold, and feel never ending.  it’s hard to get inspired with outfits when i just want to feel my toes everyday when i leave the house. warmth is key, people!  the best way to step up my winter wardrobe without going too crazy is adding new warm weather accessories to the mix. if you’re a local, you can shop the entire look at Nest Jackson Hole!

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let’s talk about shearling.

Levis Shearling Jacket on Jackson Hole Wyoming Blogger

why i haven’t jumped on the shearling train sooner is baffling to me.  i’ve always been a fan but it wasn’t until this year that i finally purchased a jean shearling jacket. the shearling lining plus denim makes this such a warm coat, and we all know i need as many layers as possible during these months.  i’ll totally rock this straight into spring and summer, so yay for finding a jacket that works all year round!  here are a few other shearling pieces i’m loving right now.

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baking at high altitude.

Egg Free Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies at High Altitude in Jackson Holeif you’ve ever tried to bake at high altitude, you know how challenging it can be!
a few years ago i also discovered that i have a severe egg allergy. i know. the irony.
the combo of sucking at high altitude baking plus failing with the egg-replacers, basically forced me to delete all of my baking pinterest boards.
i mean….i tried.
things would look beautiful out of the oven but the moment i cut into them, it was like a crumble fest cake avalanche.
my beautiful cake baking dreams were bust. so, i pretty much gave up on the baking front.
until i met lindsey!

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