mountain pops.

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Jun 11, 2013
a list of a few mountain man gift ideas for all the special papas in your life.
(great gifts from your little ones too).
all are essentials for the summertime outdoors.
happy shopping for all of those mountain dudes!
9. new balance classics (tons of colors!)

dinner with a view.

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Jul 10, 2012
{double rainbow.}
{dinner spot}
{manchego cheese + almonds + honey + cracker. heaven}
{osker takes the wheel}
{can you tell i’ve been training for a marathon?}
i made a new friend on sunday evening.
her name is Silver Bullet and she is a GMC Palmbeach.
a real beauty i tell ya.
we rode Silver, as i nicknamed her, to antelope flats to enjoy dinner with a view.
jeff and i got dressed up….really he just wore jeans without holes and i wore a long skirt.
but, it was our first time meeting Silver and we wanted to make a good first impression.
we are really hoping for a life long friendship with her.
i think she liked us because she didn’t break down. not once!
we ate shrimp wrapped in proscuitto, machego cheese, and scrumptious burgers.
it was a great end to the weekend.
and now i have a new friend in town.

dinner and a facelift.

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Jun 22, 2012
{blazer: zara // tank: free people (old) // maxi skirt: u.o. // belt: from nicaragua // booties: steve madden}

jeffer’s parents are in town for the arrival of the newest grandchild.
we decided to let them have a baby break and took them to dinner, just the 4 of us.
my friend’s band, PTO, plays every wednesday night on the deck of Cafe Genevieve.
the mountain air can turn pretty chilly once the sun goes down,
so i decided to wear a maxi skirt with this fun jacket from zara.
i wanted to look wholesome for the boyfriend’s parents, ya know?
that fried chicken above is the most delicious fried chicken in town.
hands down.

in other exciting news, the egg got a facelift!
the blog people…..the blog.
what do you think of the changes around here?
i wanted it to be a little more serious but still a fun place to visit.
a HUGE thank you to the guys over a ebb & flow media for hookin’ a sista up!

stay tuned for some more exciting things happening around these parts.
until then, happiest weekending.

npr knows whats up.

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Apr 6, 2012

according to my 66 year old male boss,
“i heard on npr that colored jeans are in.”
i have way too much fun wearing these bad boys.
and i’m glad to know they are acceptable at work.


randoms + winner.

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Apr 4, 2012
this week past week i’ve been a lazy blogger.
primarily because i’ve been spending most of my time outside.
and running a lot, i have this little thing called a marathon to train for.
photos starting at top left
1. maximus the conquistador.  love his ‘do.
2. g. love and the special sauce at jackson hole mountain fest.
3. projects we’ve been working on in the cabin: ski wine racks!
4. been eyeing that canoe.  summer is close. kind of.
5. beautiful flowers all over town.
6. jackson ladies represent elizabeth’s hope.

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