crazy week.

sorry for the lack of posting this week. it’s been a bit nuts.
i broke out in hives all over my face.
….all week.
i met quentin tarantino.  (sans hives. thank god.)
he’s here filming his new movie. 
no, i did not spot leo. 
i signed up for the chicago marathon.
then i questioned my sanity.
my bosses took a quick trip to canada to heli ski.
i showed about 99 homes.  these things tend to happen when they leave.
i had an incredible week with babs! (my momma)
she had an awesome time at the spa, eating at all the great restaurants, and she even did a 90 mile snowmobile trip through yellowstone.
we had a great girls’ week.
how cute is she?
she my bestest friend and the most amazing woman.

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