i’m buying a new car!

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easy car shopping with auto trader app

one of the biggest purchases of my adult life so far was buying my car at 22. oh, how i’ve loved my audi a4! i named her audrey hepburn and i’ve put over 100,000 miles on her….we’ve had so much freaking fun together out west.  isn’t it funny how we can be so emotional tied to our cars? it’s so crazy but i’m definitely one of those people who gets super attached to my cars, i mean that’s a lot of mileage together!

easy car shopping with auto trader app

after 10 glorious years with my girl aud, it’s time to say goodbye.  i’m ready for a new ride! car buying can be really intimidating, especially for a girl who knows nothing about cars, and tends to get overwhelmed easily.  add in the stress of everything that’s going on during the holidays and i needed the extra help. Autotrader has been an absolute godsend! they have a new tool that can accelerate the process and in less than 30 minutes, no joke, in the comfort of my own home, i was on the phone with a dealer in my area about a new car that fit every single box i checked.

i was so ready for the car shopping process to be a whole thing, but it truly was so easy with the accelerate process on the Auto Trader app.  just click on everything you want from make, model, price, to any of the bells and whistles your heart desires, and all of the options come up in your selected area.  in wyoming, i put a larger radius because you know….we live in the middle of nowhere, but still so many options came up for the specific model/make that i want! i was pleasantly surprised.  i’m also able to create a private listing to sell my car on there so miss audrey hepburn can find a new home! they help with pricing so i know her worth base on the Kelley Blue Book value and i feel confident about selling her.

easy car shopping with auto trader app

the entire process was so, so easy and such a time saver with Autotrader.  i honestly did the search in between online shopping and now i have an appointment lined up with a dealer to take my future car for a spin. now I can get back to all my other holiday to-do’s with this major task checked off the list. wham, bam, thank you mam!

photos by ashley merritt photography

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