my garlic ninja.

{i hope you enjoyed this little presentation.}
{sharp and sexy!}
{best with a cheese plate.}
{a true ninja.}
{in comparison to big brother, the fusion chef knife.}
{the peacock handle.}
this fall i purchased jeff this beautiful knife for his birthday.  since i’ve been back home, i’ve used it every. single. night.  i kid you not.  the guys over at New West KnifeWorks must have felt my whole-hearted love for that knife because they offered me a new one, the mini chopper.  i’ve been giving my new knife way more attention lately.
i like to call it my garlic ninja.  at least that’s what i feel like when i’m slicing and dicing. this power just comes over me.  to be honest, i’ve been adding garlic to everything these days, just so i can whip out the mini chopper.  it’s also awesomely gorgeous so i use it when we have guests over.  the handle (just like our fusion chef knife) is the peacock color and it’s pretty much my favorite thing to look at in the kitchen.  the colors are stunning and we are slowly but surely building up to a complete set!  doesn’t it just look perfect with a gourmet cheese plate?  i certainly enjoy showing it off. 
*locals note:  the fun slate board is from local shop, Made.

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