baby ask.

following my last post, i’m aiming to take more photos of beautiful people in 2017.  my first shoot of the year was with maddy, a local jackson hole musician, who happens to have the greatest smile 🙂

i first met maddy about 6 years ago. i distinctly remember her telling me after a dinner party that she wanted to follow her dreams and become a musician.  it was until i saw her perform this past year that i was able to see how talented she truly is.  this girl is a passionate artist through and through.  not only does she sing, she also composes, which i think is one of the raddest things ever!

i have the utmost respect for entrepreneurial women following their passions and wanted to help spread the word about her current kickstarter campaign for her music video, Baby Ask, that you can see below.  a collaborative effort by local artists and filmmakers, this funding will be just the beginning for her musical efforts.  maddy is hoping to take this incredible talent and vision to showcase more musicians and artists in a unique documentary style.

as a newbie in photography, I am learning the ropes of the creative world and realize how important it is to support artists, especially locally.  take a few minutes to watch this campaign and remember even a little goes a long way!

*photos by me!

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a fresh start.

a fresh start is always a good thing.  the word “resolution” always gets me, like i need to change things in my life.  while there are definitely things to work on (and yeah, probably change!), i try to make a list of things i want to ADD to my life.  things i can control to be a better me.

in 2017, i hope to add a few of these things to my life!

  1. start an investment portfolio – i know, such an adult move.  but hey, i’m not getting any younger and i would looooove to have some mailbox money by the time i go gray.
  2. visit a new country – this has been on my list since i turned 20 and in the last 11 years, i’ve made it happen!  no trips planned as of yet, but my travel bug is strong.
  3. photograph – some of you may call me a photographer but the truth is, i only really dabble.  i want to commit myself to a personal photography project and just go for it, especially with film.
  4. fall in love – with someone new!  may that be a new friend, a new man, or a new pup.
  5. give back – i’d like to make this more of a regular part of my life and not just when i have extra cash handy.
  6. lay off the sauce – while i rarely drink anymore, the occasional glass of red doesn’t really do it for me like it used to.  i’m going to commit to at least a month of sparkling waters only.
  7. blog more – i know you haven’t seen me around these parts as much as you’d like, especially with the increase in instagram, but i promise to make this spot a little more fun.
  8. journal – just like blogging, it is something i need to make time for. when i do, i feel so so good!
  9. say no – learning to say no is one of the hardest things for me to do, especially with friends and family. our time and energy is valuable and its okay to say “my body and mind need to rest”.
  10. make money – is that terrible to say?  well, after starting my own business 3 years ago, and surviving off of oatmeal and pb&j’s, this chick is ready to start paying herself!

shop this post

 justin boots c/o
j.crew sweater (on sale!)
j.crew skirt (similar, similar, similar)
sheer tights

ona leather capri camera bag

photos by ashley merritt photography
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tomboy chic.

this post was a fun one! local clothing designers Western Range Clothing asked me to incorporate their ties into a few feminine looks.  i’m certainly not one to turn down a chance for tomboy fashion so i was up for the challenge….especially with these dreamy accessories. i mean, how cute are those western details?!

the silk on this gorgeous black tie is even more buttery in person. the loose look seriously steps up this outfit to city chic, something i sometimes try to incorporate out west. and at my new favorite local hot spot, Hotel Jackson, i’m all about fitting in with my surroundings.

after doing this shoot, i’m reeeeaaallly trying to push bowties into women’s fashion. pink antlers, are you kidding me? the one would also look super hot on a boyfriend but until i find one….i’ll take one in each style for myself, please! i vote girls in bowties for life.

all of the ties are designed in Jackson Hole, using silks woven in England, and made right here in the USA.  Western Range Clothing also carries shirts that are made in the USA and are soon to be adding more goods to their line.  i really can’t think of a better gift for a guy in your life. and hellooo groomsmen for jackson hole weddings!

look one
blazer c/o local shop penny lane
j.crew blouse
necktie c/o western range clothing
madewell coated jeans
kork-ease booties

look two
j.crew vest
j.crew button-down
bowtie c/o western range clothing
madewell jeans
j.crew beanie (similar)

photos by ashley merritt // post sponsored by Western Range Clothing and all opinions are my own
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Winter Western.


jacket: topshop // bowtie c/o western range // jeans: madewell // boots: c/o Justin Boots

one thing a Wyoming gal can never have too many of is western boots!  they really are THE most practical thing in my closet, every single day, all year long. i realized i didn’t actually have a pair of dark leather boots so was thrilled to find these Justin Boots Chocolate Barocco style. these dark chocolate beauts will be seeing a lot of style time, i can guarantee you that.theegg-westernrange-38theegg-westernrange-40theegg-westernrange-33when i’m shopping for new boots, the first thing i ask is “are they warm?” because the rugged Wyoming winters can be rough and tough.  Justin Boots passed my test for warmth, comfort, and chicness! and i’m excited to see how they look in a year from now. the more beat up they get, the better in my book. i love to style cowboy boots with anything from casual to fancy (sooo cute with tights and a dress!).

gift a pair in time for Christmas! they are offering 2-day shipping before Christmas so get shopping and give someone a new pair of Justin Boots!

check out more from #MyJustinBoots on instagram to see other fun styles from bloggers

photos by Ashley Merritt Photography // post sponsored by Justin Boots and opinions are my own
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getting spiritual, af.

_90a9966i guess now, with the crazy election over, i want to tell you about my little personal journey i’ve been on this past year.
it’s a spiritual one, so if you don’t wanna get hippie dippie, then peace out! #punintended
this path has given me a lot of hope and has seriously eased anxieties in my life. i figured what better time than now to share with our fat election hangovers!!
and, this super cool jewelry company sent me a beautiful ring that coincides with my current path, so if anything, i hope you check out their website and maybe start your own little journey.

_90a9970 _90a9959

okay so let’s get deep.
everyone has cross roads in life, right? well i guess mine happened after a bad breakup.
looking back, it was just as awful as i remember, but there is always a silver lining.
this crossroad, or as i recently found out is known as a “saturn return” in the astrology world, made me seriously look at myself and ask some hard questions about what i want/ need in this one precious life given to me.
i was SO low, weighed nothing, and after almost a year of depression and anxiety, i decided i needed to take that heavy energy and chuck it into something good.
my business launched 2 months later with every ounce of me thrown into the fire. it was scary as hell but so exhilarating at the same time.
with the growth of this new work, happiness, confidence, and perspective found their way back into my life but so did new anxieties…..this time around finances and business relationships.
thoughts like “will i be able to meet my goals?”, or “how am i going to pay rent?”, and “what will people around town say about me?” constantly filled my head and i was always asking myself if i made the right decision. (looking back now, OH HELL YES!)

although i was back to my old self, i knew there had to be another way to get rid of my nerves rather popping anxiety pills every day.  i was also trying to figure out if what i was doing was my purpose.  so what does one do when they are 30, single, and freaking out about love, money, and life?  they go to a spiritual guru. because, what the hell did i have to lose?

_90a9967after my initial meeting with Carol Mann, i had never felt so light in my life.  and i mean that honestly.  the lady like SAW ME.  like to MY CORE.  for me, it was exhilarating and i needed to know more about this world i’ve always kind of chuckled at. this was the start of my journey.
pretty soon afterwards, all of these things kept falling in my lap:  Gabby Bernstein’s youtube, Brene Brown’s books, Chase Jarvis’ podcasts, mediation, astrology readings, and the biggest life changer, reiki.

reiki kind of combines it all into one, with the help of crystals and oils, and nearly erased the anxiety out of my life.  you guys, i’ve been fighting anxiety for almost 15 years!  and this thing where you literally just lay there for an hour every week has washed my worries away.

okay so what does this rant have to do with this ring?

well, at the same time of this spiritual discovery, Dualitas sent me a beautiful carnelian ring, which helps with…..wait for it….courage! i slide this beauty on my hand whenever i need a little extra oomph in my step.  and according to science and physics, these little gems actually DO work. and it literally arrived at my doorstep right when i needed it.

soooo universe, i see you. i get this now.

photos by Ashley Merritt Photography // thank you to Dualitas for sponsoring this post and letting me tell my little story
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