lucchese boots.

Lucchese Boots Britton on Jackson Hole Blogger

my love affair for Lucchese cowboy boots started about 15 years ago, way before i even thought about moving to jackson hole, at a vintage shop in new york city.  i can’t remember the name of the shop or where it was, but i vividly remember spotting a pair in the window, rushing in to try them on, and walking away a proud owner with zero room in my suitcase for my newest Lucchese boots. they were a size too big but i didn’t care because they were perfect.  i rocked those bad boys almost every day of college and they still get a lot of lovin’ – it was love at first pair!

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setting intentions for 2018.

Gigi Pip Hat in South Beach Miami Floridainstead of making resolutions, i’m setting intentions.  i’ve never really been into the whole resolutions thing. i like to think of starting the new year off with things i can aim for, not get rid of. so, i spent the last few weeks of 2017 doing some heavy reflecting by forcing myself to put down my phone and leave my emails alone {super scary but so worth it for a mere 7 days!}. being shut off from the world and just relaxing with my family, a few big things came up…

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sh*t that i knit beanies.

Jackson Hole Blogger wearing Sh*T That I Knit Beanie

you can never have too many beanies in the mountains.  it’s just an unwritten rule for one who dwells in a small cabin in jackson hole and who is perpetually cold. that being said, i’m pretty picky:  must be thick enough to do their job, no itchiness allowed on this dome, and handmade with love is a big fat perk.  oh, and a funny brand name usually wins me over.  behold:  the Shi*t That I Knit beanie!

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jackson hole art.

Never Stop Exploring Jackson Hole Wyoming Artwork. Photo by Leslee Mitchelli’ve been obsessed with Leslee Mitchell’s photography for quite some time now and thanks to the good ol’ instagram, we met for coffee a few years ago at Persephone in Jackson Hole.  we became fast friends proving that sometimes the internet is a lovely space!

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copperdot leather.

Jackson Hole Blogger and her Copperdot Leather Bag made in Wyoming

can we all just talk about this Copperdot bag for a minute?!  i’ve never before received more compliments on anything i’ve owned in my life!  and i’m proud to say that the creator behind these gorgeous bags is a long time local of jackson hole.  and if you know me, i’m a big time supporter of all things local!

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