wool slippers.

posting up in my little cabin is where you can find me most of the winter.  so to say i was thrilled to find a soft and cozy pair of wool slippers, is an understatement. these Chilote House Shoes might just be the best things my little feets have ever put on! they kind of go perfect with my tiny little log cabin.

these beautiful slippers hail all the way from Patagonia, in chile!  they are made from local sheep wool to provide warmth, comfort, and insulation, yet they are ventilated just a tad so your feet don’t get too hot.  they are juuuuust right!  the bottom is made from local sourced salmon leather that has been re-purposed and up-cycled, giving it a beautiful suede feel. if i could cozy up in a cabin the rest of my days, i certainly would!

the best part? each purchase of slippers empowers a local working artisan woman in chile! buy a pair, your feet will thank you. (and they ship to the US)

photos by Ashley Merritt // post is sponsored by Chilote.  please show love to the sponsors who help make The Egg possible!
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avalanche safety.

this year more than ever has been a good reminder for me to stay on top of my avalanche safety. every year we have avalanches in and out of bounds, with so many different causing factors.  it can get confusing….and scary.
we all know skiing and snowboarding can be an expensive sport, but the BEST thing you can invest your money in is an avalanche 1 course. i took my avalanche 1 about 7 years ago and was feeling like it was time for a tune up.  Jackson Hole Mountain Guides offers a refresher course so i was pumped to sign up and test my knowledge with friends.

brian, one of the lead guides, is an amazing teacher and guide, and so much fun to ski with!  we started the day at the JHMG office talking about the avalanche report. we then discussed as a group what we all felt comfortable skiing that day, including terrain, slope, and elevation. once we were all on the same page, we headed to the backcountry. the first step to a safe day!our first stop after getting all of our gear ready was to do a quick avalanche beacon test.  having working batteries can literally be life or death, so its always key to test your beacon every. single. time. we put on our skins and headed up to the top of Teton Pass.  the most important thing i learned from Brian that day was that there is no need for your skin track to be more than a 12 degree incline angle aka slow and steady is my favorite pace, bros!  brian refreshed us on backcountry skills like snow pit digging, reading the snow pack, and tips and tricks for easy gear access.  he also showed us new slopes that have amazing skiing.  once we were done with refreshing, it was ski time!   thanks for taking us in the backcountry, Brian!  we had a blast and i HIGHLY recommend this course to everyone, even if you don’t plan on being a backcountry skier. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO, YO!

*all pictures taken by me (and brian) and opinions are my own // thank you to Jackson Hole Mountain Guides for sponsoring this post!
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the winter wedge.

it’s no surprise that i’m obsessed with all things Sorels.  any style, any shape, i could fill my closet and still want more.  but my absolute favorite have been these wedge boots.  they are incredibly comfy and i get compliments everywhere i go. to find something fashionable plus functional is hard to come by and i’m here to spread the good word!  if you want to get constant compliments, on your feet, check out these other wedge booties below. (hover over each image to shop directly)  ALL ON SALE!

top image by Peter Lobozzo

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snowpocalypse 2017.

i think it goes with out saying that this winter has been insane.  we’ve received over 400 inches of snowfall, which when you put into the google, is converted to over 33 feet.  and counting! because, you know, it’s only the beginning of february in jackson hole, wyoming.

lucky for me, there is this rad entrepreneurial company that is local, right here in jackson hole, that invented this awesome shovel!  DMOS Collective created this shovel with everyone in mind and as someone who lives and breathes in the mountains, it’s truly perfect for my every day work-play-work lifestyle.

this green beauty lives in my trunk, along with my other ski gear for days in the backcountry, or if heaven forbid i get stuck in a snow bank (wouldn’t be the first time….), or if i just need to do some plowing around my cabin or office. she’s super light and easy to put together!

DMOS is running a kickstarter campaign that i’m happily promoting, as this is a product i really love and believe in!  or just head to their website and purchase a shovel for this winter madness!!!

photos by Ashley Merritt // thank you to DMOS Collective for sponsoring this post // all opinions are my own
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old man sweaters.

there’s really nothing better than a good ol’ cable knit, huge collared, old man sweater.  add some toggles or big buttons and call it a day. pretty damn warm and functional in the mountains!  i rediscovered this gem at the bottom of my sweater chest (how rude!) and it inspired me to style with a turtle neck and my new sorel obsessions, as well as hit the snowiest place on earth, Grand Teton National Park.

shop my current favorite old man fisherman sweaters below:

photos by peter lobozzo
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