jackson hole art.

Never Stop Exploring Jackson Hole Wyoming Artwork. Photo by Leslee Mitchelli’ve been obsessed with Leslee Mitchell’s photography for quite some time now and thanks to the good ol’ instagram, we met for coffee a few years ago at Persephone in Jackson Hole.  we became fast friends proving that sometimes the internet is a lovely space!

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copperdot leather.

Jackson Hole Blogger and her Copperdot Leather Bag made in Wyoming

can we all just talk about this Copperdot bag for a minute?!  i’ve never before received more compliments on anything i’ve owned in my life!  and i’m proud to say that the creator behind these gorgeous bags is a long time local of jackson hole.  and if you know me, i’m a big time supporter of all things local!

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traveling with athleta.

Athleta Rock Springs Jacket is the perfect layer for traveling around the worldwhen i say i didn’t take off this Athleta Jacket while traveling, i mean it was pretty much glued to my back the entire time.  Athleta contacted me to partner for their #PowerOfShe campaign right before my trip to Japan and i knew the blogging stars had aligned because i was desperately in need of a new jacket that could keep up with my upcoming explorations.

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japan – visiting tokyo

Travel blogger stands in front of Japanese shrine in KyotoJapan has always been high on my bucket list.  and when the chance to head there for a jaunt this november presented itself, my best friend Lynze and i jumped at it.  let me tell you, Japan is everything and more than you’ve ever dreamed of!  i’m going to try and break down my trip into three parts with a few highlights from each section of our trip.

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elk bugling in jackson hole.

Elk Bugling Picnic in Grand Teton National Park at White Grass Ranchmy girlfriends and i hit up the park a few weeks ago for one of my favorite unique activities to do in jackson hole:  elk bugling!
this was written in grammatically correct order (including uppercase letters!) for my newest blogging adventures with Visit Jackson Hole, where you can see the original post.
or for a photo heavier post, keep on trucking below…
huge thanks to Peter Lebozzo for snapping these fun photos, and for Liz and Lisa for putting up with my blogging antics!

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