dainty jewelry with aurate.

Women's Gold Signet Ring Aurate Fine Jewelry Style Blogtraditionally known as the “gentleman’s ring”, i always associated the signet ring with being super masculine.  yet they always caught my eye as a style i’d love to rock.  you know me, lover of all things handsome as hell, with a forever spot in my heart for all things tomboy.  when Aurate contacted me, and i laid eyes on their dainty signet ring, i knew it was the piece from their fine jewelry collection that i needed to have. Continue reading

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elk island camping in grand teton national park.

over Memorial Day weekend, my friends reserved the most bad ass campsite in grand teton national park. elk island is smack dab in the middle of jackson lake, with a small campsite on the east side of the island. how do i know directions you ask? because i had to get real outdoorsy and put my map skills to the test to freaking find the place. Continue reading

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new blue bag.

Jackson Hole Blogger wearing blue Fossil Ryder Satcheli haven’t purchased a new bag in ages, let alone a fun colorful one, so this spring just felt like it was time. who doesn’t need a pretty blue bag in their closet?!  i’m a sucker for the convertible bag, with a cross body and tote option.  best of both world’s if you ask me.  this fossil ryder satchel kind of nailed it for my day to day purse needs.

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vitamins for mental health.

i’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to jump on the vitamins train, but i finally did and it’s helped my mental health so incredibly much. after going through the process of getting of anti-depressants, i did a lot of research, and i kept stumbling across vitamins and supplements in my searches as being beneficial. so i thought, what the hell, i’ve got nothing to lose. i started easing my way into them and slowly but surely, i started taking a handful every morning before i started my day, and i gotta tell ya, these little guys work!

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a good night’s sleep with leesa mattress.

Jackson Hole blogger reviews Leesa Mattress for cabin livingi’m a firm believer that there are two types of people in this world:  the eaters and the sleepers. how can you tell?  well, i think it’s how you function at your best.  i can go days without thinking about food, but if i don’t get a good night’s sleep, i tend to turn into a monster.  let’s all take a minute to praise my new Leesa Mattress for that prevention!

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