a simple summer salad.

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Jul 29, 2017

by no means am i a food blogger BUT i do love to cook and wanted to share a simple summer salad my mom always made for me.
it’s still my go-to during the Summer (aka bikini season) that fills me up.
i’ve teamed up with Victorinox Swiss Army to share this super simple, healthy, and quick recipe.

for this yummy salad, i purchased produce from Vertical Harvest, one of the world’s first vertical greenhouses found right here in jackson hole!
it feels good to buy greens and tomatoes that are grown right down the street from me.

so here’s what you need:

butter bibb lettuce (from vertical harvest)
baby tomatoes (from vertical harvest)
red onion
rotisserie chicken
toasted almonds
poppy seed dressing

chop them all up and toss, SO easy and delicious!

one thing that makes my life so much easier are good knives. and beautiful ones at that.
who knew Swiss Army made a gorgeous set of knives?!
these sharp blades seriously make my life so much easier and cooking that much more enjoyable.
the knives in this rosewood block set are laser honed and precision stamped high-carbon stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
i think i know what i’m getting all my friends for wedding gifts….




early summer in the tetons.

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Jul 3, 2017

Jackson Hole never ceases to amazing me. Every Season is full of new surprises and I feel like there is always a new adventure to do. This year marks my 9th year in Jackson Hole and every year there are new surprises. It seems endless! Late Spring and Early Summer have become one of my favorite times of year here. I grabbed friends and hit the Park for an incredible day in our backyard. Heavy snowfalls mean for greener grasses and lots and lots of wildflowers! This Season also means new baby wildlife are being born and it’s the cutest thing ever to see. It also makes for the animals to be extra active, so it is the best time of year for the perfect viewing opportunity.

One thing many people don’t know about is how incredible the wildlife tours are in The Grand Teton National Park ecosystem. Every time I go, I learn something new about our furry neighbors. This area of the country truly is the American Serengeti with big animals like moose, grizzly bears, black bears, bison (my favorite!), elk, and pronghorn.Jackson Hole Eco Tours took us out a few weekends ago and we spotted almost every animal you could see! We started at sunrise with a quick jaunt down to Schwabacker’s Landing to see the Grand Teton Range wake up to a new day. The alpenglow in the morning is absolutely breathtaking with pink hues illuminating the mountains. We watched a beaver add to his fairly new dam for his little beaver family while we sipped fresh french pressed coffee! On our way out to the sunrise, we spotted 7, yes 7 moose. The animals really are more visible when you wake up before the sun!Josh, our amazing guide, then took us to find a wolf pack!!! I had zero idea that wolves lived that close to Jackson Hole and was super giddy to see our local wolf pack. On our way North, we stopped to observe a buffalo herd and watched as they ran directly in front of our car. They are truly majestic beasts! The Jackson Hole Eco Tours luxury sedans let you stand up and watch the animals from their observation sun roofs, allowing you to be at a safe distance and still snap amazing photos. All of their tours are equipped with brand new high tech binoculars by Maven Optics, providing the best quality on the market.Besides seeing almost every possible animal in one morning, the highlight of our trip was definitely spotting not one, but two grizzly bears!! We saw a male bear in a field and waited until he literally walked right in front of our car. It was one of the cooler experiences I’ve had in Jackson Hole. Josh explained that he was pretty hungry from just recently coming out of hibernation. He was HUGE. {All animal photos below!}The most important thing to remember when entering our National Parks is to always respect the wildlife. Remember that we are in their home. Don’t ever approach wildlife, always stay in your car, and don’t ever try to feed them. A selfie is not worth risking your life, or the animal’s life, so please give them the love and respect they deserve!

Now’s the time to get up early and into Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks to see this incredible Ecosystem in action, and before the crowds hit!

And here are more Animal Photos plus a BEAR VIDEO!

this post was created for the Jackson Hole Tourism Board with Jackson Hole Eco Tours // photos by Me, Sarah Averill, and Josh Metten







nest jackson hole.

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Jun 27, 2017

it’s always fun when something new comes to Jackson Hole.
but it’s even more fun when an adorable women’s store opens their doors!
Nest rebranded and moved locations to 155 W. Pearl, right next to Pearl Street Bagels, and has the sweetest outfits for Summer.
Noa, the owner, said she wanted to bring tomboy chic to Town and i jumped all over that.
um, please and thank you!
when she was describing her style, she said she was inspired by the shopping in Amsterdam and if you know, YOU KNOW.
it’s that good.

she recently remodeled the charming bungalow inside and out – with the sweetest garden in Town – and filled it with darling clothing, accessories, and home goods.
the clothing ranges in pricing with brands like Lucky Brand, Sanctuary, and Scotch & Soda (my personal fave!).
and the accessories are so well priced it will be hard to walk away with just one thing.
i’m obsessed with the HATS!
so many hats that are perfect for upcoming vacations or days on the river.
and the clutches + bags = don’t get me started!

new goods are arriving weekly so make sure to pop in for a fresh new summer outfit or just to boost your mood, because the cabin has the happiest energy!

swing by Nest today~

all photos by Ashley Merritt for The Egg Out West // post sponsored by Nest Jackson Hole – thanks for supporting the businesses of The Egg!


influencer marketing.

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May 12, 2017

i originally started this blog about 7 years ago to show my family and friends back home (i’m originally from ohio) the beauty of the West, hence the title, The Egg (thats me!) Out West.  i’ve always been obsessed with beautiful photography and truly enjoy writing so when i found a way to combine the two, i gave it a whirl.  over the years, an entire industry has emerged from the word “blog”, and i’m so glad i jumped on this train when i did as it has opened so many doors for me, has allowed me to start my own business, and work and create relationships with insanely awesome brands like Old Navy, H&M, and Justin’s Boots.

influencer marketing is a new concept to most, but for us long time bloggers, it’s something we’ve been doing for years. i was so honored to be chosen for Collectively, Inc, one of the top influencer marketing agencies in the business! to be considered amongst big time bloggers is so flattering for this wyoming gal and has reassured me to keep at it. it has given my style and voice validation, and more confidence!

working with Collectively has been amazing, as they do all of the back end work of connecting brands with the right bloggers. i see them as the middle man working for me, as well as for the brand, to help facilitate beautiful things! to me, it’s a no-brainer for brands to partner with bloggers and allow them to showcase certain products or campaigns using their unique voice. when you give creatives free reign, truly amazing things can happen!

brands contact me all of the time and 9 times out of 10, i don’t think their message is the best for me and my readers.  as a blogger, i see my blog and social media channels as a true reflection of myself and don’t take any old promotion just to make money.  i truly believe readers can feel it when you try to do that.  Collectively does all of that vetting for me!  they know their bloggers, their data numbers, their reach, and their style and only contact me when they know its the perfect match.  it’s a win-win for everyone!

all images by Ashley Merritt Photography // this sponsored post was brought to you by my FAVES at Collectively, the best influencer marketing agency out there // all images are from campaigns facilitated by Collectively!

the winter wedge.

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Feb 14, 2017

it’s no surprise that i’m obsessed with all things Sorels.  any style, any shape, i could fill my closet and still want more.  but my absolute favorite have been these wedge boots.  they are incredibly comfy and i get compliments everywhere i go. to find something fashionable plus functional is hard to come by and i’m here to spread the good word!  if you want to get constant compliments, on your feet, check out these other wedge booties below. (hover over each image to shop directly)  ALL ON SALE!

top image by Peter Lobozzo