vitamins for mental health.

i’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to jump on the vitamins train, but i finally did and it’s helped my mental health so incredibly much. after going through the process of getting of anti-depressants, i did a lot of research, and i kept stumbling across vitamins and supplements in my searches as being beneficial. so i thought, what the hell, i’ve got nothing to lose. i started easing my way into them and slowly but surely, i started taking a handful every morning before i started my day, and i gotta tell ya, these little guys work!

i came across Care/Of which is this rad company that personalizes your daily vitamin regime just for you. researching all of the options can be a tad overwhelming, but this was so helpful pinpointing the best ones for me. they start out with this bad ass quiz (seriously, so impressed) which ends up showing you exactly what you need for YOU. kind of awesome, right? this saved me a lot of research time online! once you find your own regimen, they send you a monthly personalized box with individual packets for each day, filled with your mini prescription! i love it – so easy.
side note: it’s also way cheaper than buying vitamins in bulk, which always seems to run my receipts super high.

Care/Of is offering a discount to all you cool cats who want to jump on the vitamins train, too. for 25% off your first order of vitamins, use Discount Code: MEAG25 at check out.

currently, my pack includes:
+ Ashwaganda – aka the chill pill! this supplement does wonders for so many things but i take it for my anxiety and mood. it’s seriously a wonder drug!
+ Calcium Plus – fermented with vitamin D and vitamin K, which is so great for bones and prenatal health. (pro tip: even if you aren’t trying to get knocked up, prenatal vitamins are super important for us ladies)
+ Vitamin C – this particular form is fermented with organic yeast and foods, making it resemble Vitamin C that you find in a food-based form, which is easier on the tummy. sometimes other pills make me nauseous, but not these!
+ Fish Oil – full of healthy fatty acids, this is so good for hair, skin, heart, and your brain
+ Evening Primrose – this one is so good for the girls! this herbal supplement promotes healthy skin and aids in pms symptoms
+ Vitamin D – my doctor told me everyone in the mountains has a severe vitamin D deficiency in the winters, so i make sure to stock up! taking this daily has helped so much with my mood, anxiety, and prevents depression
+ Kanna – this is a succulent herb in a pill form that really helps with my focus and memory, which has allowed me to focus on things i should be focusing on, and NOT anxious thoughts.

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